Education Services for Clients


Interactive Online Training

This area is reserved for clients. Please login and choose a specific function that you would like to interactively learn about and improve your skills. If you do not have a login please contact customer service to arrange for your secure login and password.


Web Based Live Specialist

Our most enthusiastically received method of providing instant training is over the web.  Sometimes you just need a ten minute overview of a new functional area.  There is no need to schedule a onsite meeting.  We are ready whenever you are to utilize the power of the web and conduct training when you need it and exactly how much you need.

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On Site & Classroom Based Training

Of course onsite training is available.  You will be surprised on how quick your company will learn and become productive users of Strategy.  As mentioned we have implemented complete ERP systems in under 200 man hours.  It is readily possible.  We have unique training techniques that will have your users up and running fast.   This is a critical area where American Data Systems is going to save your company a bundle of money.  Of course ask our existing users how quickly they learned how to use Strategy.

We also have complimentary classroom training scheduled every month.  Your staff can attend these sessions in person or over the web. This has proven to be a great tool as users from different companies actually help each other become better at their job.


  • Strategy ERP - Manufacturing
  • Strategy Online - SAAS
  • EDI Solutions
  • Strategy Distribution
  • Wireless Data Collection
  • Barcoding Solutions
  • RFID Solutions
  • E/Commerce Solutions
  • Web Based Ordering Systems